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Just like businesses protect their assets with insurance, Community and Public Service entities should do the same. Community and Public Service organizations are all unique in their operations. While some work to run townships or water authorities others preserve wildlife, or care for the elderly. What if a sudden fire burned down your headquarters? What would happen to the people, animals or environments you serve?

What are the benefits of community and public service insurance?

Many Community and Public Service entities function on a tight budget. This makes getting insurance important as a large, unexpected expense can be detrimental. A good community and public service insurance and risk management program will have the right balance of price and coverage.

What types of insurance should community and public service entities get?

There are many types of insurance to consider.. Here are some common types of community and public service insurance. Keep in mind this is a list of a few of the different types. There are many other coverage options to consider.  Because every community and public service entity is different, we can help you determine which coverage best fits your needs. 

  • General liability insurance protects against injury and property damage to third parties. This can include visitors, customers, suppliers or associates. Employees are often covered separately by worker’s compensation.
  • Property insurance protects your assets in the event of a fire, disaster or vandalism. These assets can include the building, fixtures, equipment, machinery, furniture, computers, inventory and supplies.
  • Auto insurance covers injuries from an accident involving your staff or volunteers using any car, including their own, for nonprofit activities.
  • Product liability insurance protects your entity in the event of a lawsuit claiming your product is unsafe or defective.
  • Directors and officers, public officials or management liability insurance protects the members of your board of directors and your officers in the event of a lawsuit alleging fraud or financial mismanagement.
  • Professional liability insurance protects against claims of mismanagement and workplace incidents like discrimination or sexual harassment.
  • Workers’ compensation compensates employees for medical expenses and lost wages after an on-the-job injury.

Get started today!

Contact us for a customized evaluation of your community or public service entities needs. We will search for the right coverage to fit your needs and budget so you can keep working to better the community.



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